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Branding, Website development and opportunity creation

Project Overview

• Identification of business goals
• Design and development of new website
• Social Media Advice and Consultation

The Finer Details

Axceler-8 UK Hovercraft Centre, is a family orientated business, with a world-class approach with over 12 years hovercraft experience based in the Midlands and is fully mobile to a variety of locations, offering select tailored packages.

We were approached by Axceler-8 as they were looking to expand their business and the best way to attract new customers. As they work in a very unique industry, we provided a detailed plan about how we see their business developing and the best way to go about achieving their goals. At the heart of this plan was the design and creation of a new website with the content aimed providing a more rounded package for the customers. Also, we have provided Axceler-8 with a social media consultation providing advice on how they should be publishing their social media content.

From the initial feedback, the new website and re-positioning of their business is working extremely well and we look forward to seeing the continuation of these positive results!